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In 2013 BIMA launched its first ever HOT 100. We asked you to vote for the people you thought had a big impact on digital over the past 18 months. We compiled this list into the BIMA HOT 100 to celebrate the digital leaders that are striving to push this industry forward.

For a look at this year's winners with full biographies please click here.

Want to own a copy of the 2013 Digital Hall of Fame & HOT 100 programme book? We are happy to announce that we have physical copies for sale at £15.00 per book. Simply email info@bima.co.uk.

Be sure to keep update on next year's Digital Hall of Fame as well as all other BIMA events by following @bima on Twitter.


"Thanks BIMA for a great event. Was thrilled to make Hot100 and the night was a great way to make connections with others in the industry. Worked really well as a black tie affair to add some gravitas to the evening and as always BIMA were great hosts and did a brilliant job of bringing people together". - Jaime Keenan, Relationship Marketing Manager, Microsoft.




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