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BIMA Breakfast Bites (B3)

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Time & Date: 8:00 hrs, 21st Sep 2007
Price: £52.88 [Purchase]
Member Price: £23.50 [Purchase]
Venue: Roof Deck Bar - Soho House Members' Club, 21 Old Compton Street London W1D 5JJ

I’ve been asked to kickoff the Breakfast Bites Web 2.0 series with a discussion on blogging and what Microsoft has been doing here and provide 10 Tips for success. There are many folks more qualified to give this than me but I hope I can share some of my own insights about blogging and two things in particular – how I think it can benefit small companies and the impact it’s had on a very large company (Microsoft). Would you believe your blog policy is two words long? I hope you’ll come along to find out more about blogging generally and the story of Blue Monster.

Steve Clayton is CTO of Microsoft's UK Partner Group. He has worked at Microsoft for 10 years in a range of sales and technical roles always with a passion for technology and its potential impact.

Steve has a keen interest in all areas of technology but notably the arena of Web 2.0, social media and their impact on Microsoft and the industry which he covers on his “Geek in Disguise” blog

See Steve's blog here

BIMA Breakfast Bites is the new educational series from BIMA. This series of intimate gatherings will showcase an industry specialist’s Top Ten Tips on the most prevalent issue of the day.

The bites series, which will run every four to six weeks, will be a place to begin your thinking on a topic, to facilitate easy networking and to launch you into your day with some new ideas and sparky insights. will be following the series so you can go back to the discussion as and when you want to. Not bad for the price of a continental breakfast, eh?




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