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BIMA has a broad range of members from individual designers and developers, to major agencies, global brands and established corporations. The following is just a small selection:

  • View BIMA Member Page: Futurice
    Location: UK
    Since 2001, we have worked on over one thousand projects with over 200 customers. We know how to generate innovative ideas and turn them into software that works. Our customers are now turning to us to help them change the way they work.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Nimbletank
    Location: UK
    We’re a next generation agency with a simple mission: build innovative mobile products that impact the bottom line, we call it MOBILE THAT MATTERS.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Epsilon
    Location: UK
    Epsilon is a global leader in creating connections between people and brands. An all-encompassing global marketing company, we harness the power of rich data, groundbreaking technologies and engaging creative to get the results our clients require.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Emily Abbey
    Emily Abbey
    Location: England
  • View BIMA Member Page: Cyber-Duck
    Location: Hertfordshire, UK
    Cyber-Duck is a leading, full service digital agency, working with brands like Cancer Research Technology, The EU and Arsenal FC. The company offers creative, technical and marketing services under one roof.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Cube3
    Location: UK
    We are one of Manchester's leading brand, creative & digital agencies, helping to build client brands through engaging and rich content, functionality and interactivity across all digital channels.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Farm Digital Ltd
    Farm Digital Ltd
    Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom
    FARM is a digital agency focused on transforming how people experience a digital asset. Whatever the digital production piece be, our philosophy is simple; create real, unique, beautiful and compelling work that delivers return on investment.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Sticky Content Limited
    Sticky Content Limited
    Location: England
    Sticky Content has been helping some of the world’s best-loved brands to improve their online content since 1997. In that time we’ve developed vast experience and knowledge in what makes usable, engaging, on-brand digital content.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Nexus
    Location: UK
    We are Nexus – A Human Centred, Behavioural Design company – Our goal is to better connect people to digital experiences by helping them understand themselves a little bit better.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Aqueduct Design & Advertising
    Aqueduct Design & Advertising
    Location: UK
    Aqueduct solves business problems through digital strategic, creative and technical services for clients such as Manchester City, Lloyd’s of London and Grant’s Whisky.

“Whether in education, an industry body, an agency or just someone with a passion for digital media, it's worth paying attention to BIMA, particularly the events schedule. In an ever-competitive world BIMA excels at connecting people in a spirit of knowledge-sharing.”

Michael McClary