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BIMA has a broad range of members from individual designers and developers, to major agencies, global brands and established corporations. The following is just a small selection:

  • View BIMA Member Page: Createful
    Location: UK
  • View BIMA Member Page: Alastair Duncan
    Alastair Duncan
    Location: UK
    Creative Business Leader
  • View BIMA Member Page: Kevinjohn Gallagher
    Kevinjohn Gallagher
    Location: Scotland
  • View BIMA Member Page: Mays Digital
    Mays Digital
    Location: West Sussex, UK
    Mays Digital ara a family run web design, SEO and business consultancy agency based in Chichester, West Sussex. We offer our affordable services to businesses, charities, trades and corporate entities across the UK.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Justin Goring
    Justin Goring
    Location: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
    Knowledgeable, passionate Social Media Marketing Strategist with a background in online design and website development. I have 12 years professional working experience and a proven track record in creating consistently strong social marketing campaigns.
  • View BIMA Member Page: SKYE
    Location: West Sussex, UK
  • View BIMA Member Page: Ros Donaldson
    Ros Donaldson
    Location: UK
    eFormsFactory is a specialist technology company providing electronic business solutions.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Bareface Media
    Bareface Media
    Location: West Midlands, United Kingdom
    The power of imagination makes us infinite… We understand that great communication has to connect emotionally and visually, our passion is delivering digital content that puts the user at its centre, creating experiences that engage and inspire.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Waste Creative
    Waste Creative
    Location: UK
  • View BIMA Member Page: Scoop and Spoon
    Scoop and Spoon
    Location: UK
    Scoop and Spoon is a marketing and technology company based in Vienna, London and Graz that combines inspiring design with pioneering digital tech

“Any agency worth it's digital salt should be a part of BIMA. If you want to keep up to date, raise standards, network and generally be in front of Clients that matter then what are you waiting for?”

Simone Sulsh,