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BIMA has a broad range of members from individual designers and developers, to major agencies, global brands and established corporations. The following is just a small selection:

  • View BIMA Member Page: Zone
    Location: United Kingdom
    Zone is a full-service, independent creative agency that helps great brands thrive in a digital world.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Eventopedia UK
    Eventopedia UK
    Location: UK
    Launched on the 26th of January 2015 and based in London, Eventopedia utilises technology to help make the meeting and event industry more efficient. We have, our Virtual Site Inspection interactive video technology and sales app.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Soak Digital
    Soak Digital
    Location: Norfolk, United Kingdom
    We are an independent digital agency that delivers strategic, innovative, commercially focused solutions across a broad range of digital media.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Hugo & Cat
    Hugo & Cat
    Location: Greater London, UK
    Hugo & Cat | Creating transformational brand experiences
  • View BIMA Member Page: Sequence
    Location: Wales
    We are Sequence agency. Together we offer creative and diverse digital solutions to help brands thrive online.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Blueleaf
    Location: UK
    Blueleaf is a multi award-winning digital agency. We design and build websites, mobile sites and social experiences that engage with huge audiences, turn over millions and build brands. Blueleaf - the way the web should be
  • View BIMA Member Page: Essence
    Location: UK
  • View BIMA Member Page: Emperor
    Location: UK
    Emperor is a design, brand and digital agency with over 100 full time staff located in its offices in London, Edinburgh and Birmingham.
  • View BIMA Member Page: The Drum
    The Drum
    Location: UK
  • View BIMA Member Page: Knit
    Location: London, UK

“Interactive businesses are already a vital cog in UK industry, but the potential is there to make an even bigger impact on the modernisation of our economy. BIMA offers businesses like ours a stronger voice in influencing how far and how fast we can take advantage of this potential.”

Robert Killick,
Chief Executive,