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BIMA has a broad range of members from individual designers and developers, to major agencies, global brands and established corporations. The following is just a small selection:

  • View BIMA Member Page: Cactus Consultants Limited
  • View BIMA Member Page: Ane-Mari Peter
    Ane-Mari Peter
    Location: UK
  • View BIMA Member Page: Jen Topping
    Jen Topping
    Location: UK
  • View BIMA Member Page: APCO Worldwide
    APCO Worldwide
    Location: UK
    Founded in 1984, APCO Worldwide is an independent global communication firm with offices in 34 major cities throughout the world. We challenge conventional thinking and inspire movements to help our clients succeed in an ever-changing world.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Hilde Frydnes
    Hilde Frydnes
    Location: Scotland
  • View BIMA Member Page: e-Spirit UK Ltd.
    e-Spirit UK Ltd.
    Location: UK
    e-Spirit authors the FirstSpirit™ content management system (CMS) and is a technology leader in the field of Web content management (WCM). Customers from all business sectors rely on FirstSpirit to implement their complex Web strategies worldwide.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Zohe Mustafa
    Zohe Mustafa
    Location: UK
    A digital, ecommerce & through the line, multichannel marketing specialist with successful experience (14 years) in the management of marketing projects for blue chips & start-ups.A Marketing Technologist with a hybrid background of marketing and
  • View BIMA Member Page: Spark44
    Location: United Kingdom
  • View BIMA Member Page: Proctor + Stevenson Ltd
    Proctor + Stevenson Ltd
    Location: UK
    We create design and communications that work. Work hard. It really is as simple as that. And while many agencies recoil at the idea of measurability, accountability and adaptability, we embrace them all. It's what makes us different.
  • View BIMA Member Page: Digital Gurus Recruitment Ltd

“The industry needs an organisation like BIMA. While it's purpose may continue to evolve, I believe we need something to anchor ourselves to, something that stands for standards, something consistent and something we can trust.”

Matthew Bagwell,
Global Creative Director,
EMC consulting