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Inspiring future talent

Companies realise that to attract talented young people into the digital media industry, they need to reach them and inspire them - not just before career choices are made, but before degree courses are chosen.

BIMA is Inspiring Future Talent through the D-Day initiative.

How the BIMA D-Day challenge works

D-Day or Digital Day is on 10 October 2013. It’s a day for schools and their students to get involved with the digital industry by:

  • Participating in the BIMA D-Day challenges
  • Learning what our industry does through videos of top agencies
  • Finding out about the careers and opportunities digital has to offer
  • Meeting digital professionals through our agency/school tie up
  • Winning prizes should your entry to the BIMA competition be selected for shortlist
  • Winning the top prize and becoming the BIMA School's Digital Champion.

About the competition

Aside from the promotion of the digital industry to young people, the focus of the event is a competition to help students think of an innovative idea across one of 5 disciplines. These are digital design, mobile apps, social media, motion graphics or coding.

To enter, student teams only need to come up with the idea and it shouldn’t take more than a few hours brainstorming! BIMA will provide the brief and the resources to help the students complete the task on the day or in the time available.
All schools will be working at the same time so we will be able to provide interactivity and collaboration through the internet.

Why are we doing it?

The UK is the leading European hub for digital. We have a vibrant industry across a host of disciplines including web, mobile, apps and games development.

But there is a skills shortage and professional agencies find they are working with a limited talent pool. The BIMA initiative and D-Day competition aims to make school-age students aware of the opportunities that exist: what careers are available, which qualifications are needed and what they should expect when they start to work in digital?

More information is available on the d-day site at www.bimadday.org.uk

Or for more information about BIMA's educational initiatives, contact: