BIMA Breakfast Briefing: The Rise of Automation - Ai and Machine Learning wrap up

5 Jul 2017

BIMA Breakfast The Rise of Automation July 17

The first of our events curated by our newly formed BIMA Ai Think Tank took place on Tuesday 4 July, held at The Club at The Ivy. 

In this sell-out event, we explored how Ai is disrupting industries and what this means for privacy, freedom, data collection and automation.

Our speakers

Moderator: Pete Trainor, Chair of Ai Think Tank

Keynote: Matt Celuszak, CEO Crowd Emotion

Anne J Simmons, Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks

Duncan Anderson, Founder of ‘Humanise.Ai’

Jonathan Seal, Strategy Directory, Mando Agency

Opening the event, Pete Trainor framed the approach for the morning's event, hoping to demystify and clarify what Ai and machine learning really is, touching on the progress from the last year, how Ai is currently been applied and what the panel sees for the future.

AI is an evolving constellation of technologies that enable computers to simulate elements of human thinking - learning and reasoning amongst them. Pete Trainor

The lowdown

The brilliant Matt Celuszak, CEO of Crowd Emotion treated us to an opening keynote. Founded in 2013, Crowd Emotion have since been building intellectual property with a number of UK universities around generating emotional data.

By enabling sensors to read body language and applying a phycological layer on top of that, they have been able to map this to business, to help you solve some core business problems. Here he spoke about the 4 key trends that they track and dug into them in more depth.

Following on from Matt's talk, we moved into a panel discussion, posing questions curated by Pete Trainor and the audience, featuring members of the newly formed BIMA Ai Think Tank, Anne J Simmons, Duncan Anderson and Jonathan Seal.

And for those of you who are a fan on sketchnotes (I know I am!) David Burton shared his notes from the morning. Huge thanks to David - check out his work below.

Catch up in comfort

If you couldn't make Tuesday's event, we live-streamed the entire talk over on our Facebook page. Head over here to watch the full talk >>

So what's next? 

We'd love to see you at the next BIMA event! For more awesome upcoming breakfast briefing's, networking events, roundtables and more head over to the BIMA events page >> 


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