6 Signs You Need To Update Your Website

30 Aug 2017

Posted by Lawrence Dudley

Whether your site’s web design lacks imagination or your content is less than engaging, there are several signs you should be on the lookout for to ensure that your website is performing exactly as it should. With more and more businesses becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to optimising their sites, it’s more important than ever that yours stands out. We’ve highlighted some ways you’re able to tell that your site could do with a refresh.

Your competitors outrank you

SEO and content marketing are vitally important for ensuring a healthy number of potential customers head to your site. Search technology relies on algorithms to identify websites that are either completely static or don’t change their content regularly. By continually having engaging and informative content that is keyword targeted on your website, you can take significant steps towards ensuring that your site stays ahead of your competitors. A good way to see whether or not you’re lagging behind is to do a simple Google search for your site. If, for example, you sell novelty gifts, do a search for ‘novelty gifts’ or ‘quirky fun gifts’. If you find some of your competitors are higher in the search rankings than you, it may be time to rethink your content marketing strategy.

Your website isn’t mobile responsive

Mobile responsiveness has become massively important in terms of search rankings over the past couple of years and shows no signs of stopping. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo will take mobile load times into account when ranking their search results. So if you don’t have a mobile site or your site takes too long to load on mobile devices, you may see your search ranking suffer, and in turn, your business will suffer too.

Your website appears dated

If you haven’t updated the design of your site for a while, chances are it has a dated aesthetic. Features such as bad pop-ups are a sure-fire way to know that you need a new one. Put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes. They’re instantly going to associate the design and functionality of your site with the quality of the product or service you offer. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so make sure you make the best one possible. The good news is that website build and design doesn’t need to be a headache: professionals can help you update your site so it not only captivates your audience but pushes them towards a conversion.

Traffic isn’t converting into sales

Your problem may not be traffic related. A lot of sites have good web traffic, meaning that they are doing the hard work in terms of effective content marketing, but very little of that traffic is actually converting into sales. Google Analytics stats can find the holes in your site and tell you where most of your visitors are slipping through the net. It could be that the user experience isn’t great in certain areas of your site and it’s costing you potential sales.

High bounce rate

Another key factor that Google Analytics can inform you of is whether or not you’re suffering from a high bounce rate. The higher your bounce rate, the worse it is. Having a high bounce rate simply indicates that customers are getting a negative first impression of your site and are having to give up and go somewhere else. This could be because of bad web design or a poor user experience. If a customer is unable to find the product or service they require quickly, chances are that they are going to go somewhere else to find it.

No way for visitors to sign up for newsletters

Your website should offer you a chance to capture every single lead that comes your way. If a visitor likes what they see on your site, they’re likely to want to hear more from you. A good website can be the fuel for your marketing campaigns. By simply having an opt-in option for your visitors where they can give you their email address, you’re creating new sales opportunities. Be careful, though: poorly thought out digital marketing strategies can result in you creating a negative impression on your clients. If, however, you contact them with engaging emails and offers, you could create plenty of regular and loyal customers.

Lawrence Dudley
Posted by Lawrence Dudley

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