User Experience: What, How & Why?

14 Sep 2017

Posted by Lawrence Dudley

User experience is understanding how users interact with a website or application on a deeper level; by analysing this behaviour and adapting your website or app accordingly, you can create the best experience for them.

When considering user experience in your website design and content management, there is a need to get to grips with their values and expectations, as well as their limitations. Users wish to have the best interaction with whatever it is you want them to use – whether it be a website, app or blog. Understanding a user’s needs and goals is crucial to the success of your particular platform.

Aspects to consider for a solid user experience

So, now we have covered the basics of what user experience actually is, what does it entail and what are the aspects you must address in order to make your website or application engaging?


In order for your content to be successful, you must ensure that it is of use to your user. Be unique and original with your ideas so that your users feel as though your content is valuable.


In order for users to return to your site, you must try and make your platform easy to navigate and use. If your user believes it is too complicated or laid out in a way which is annoying or distracting, the likelihood is that they won’t return, causing damage to your business over time. Put yourself in your user’s shoes and identify what you personally look for in a good website to avoid making mistakes.


Users are also keen on visual elements when it comes to visiting websites and apps. Consider the colours, branding, logos, fonts, etc. in order to create an impressiuon that sticks. Not only will users appreciate such design strategies, but they are also more likely to engage with the content.


In order for your app or website to be seen by a number of users, it must be easy to find online. Consider how you will market your particular platform in order to get noticed amongst the wide range of competition out there. Strategic content management through blogging, social media and SEO is essential.


In order to gain respect from your users for your site, all information used must be accurate and original. Over-exaggerating or ripping off other people’s ideas will not stand you in good stead. Be truthful with your users, but aim to be accurate and knowledgeable in your approach.

Why is user experience important?

Bear in mind that there is a difference between user experience and being user-friendly. The latter focuses on the approachability and layout of the site, whereas user experience focuses on everything a user actually feels when using your site and the site should preempt their next move.

The importance of user experience lies in the fact that your site or app must have optimum user experience in order for the user to purchase from your company. If the correct strategies are not in place, they may refrain from making a purchase or undertaking whatever action you want them to complete.

In order to gain the attention of a new client base or maintain your existing one, user experience is fundamental. Visitors decide within a matter of seconds whether they are interested in your site and if it doesn’t appeal to them instantly, they will click back. These days, there is a lot of pressure to stand out from the crowd, so correctly adapting your website to provide a better user experience is a must.

How can a digital agency help?

In terms of improving your website’s user experience, the required legwork in terms of research and experience can be a bit daunting. There is a huge amount of planning, design, production and finally testing which goes into a successful user experience strategy.

Without the help of a good agency who do this kind of work every day, it can be difficult to judge alone. Professionals know how users will react to certain aspects and how they can be improved if needs be and remove some of the guesswork. If you’re stuck, we can help!

Lawrence Dudley
Posted by Lawrence Dudley

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