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4 Oct 2017

“What do you want to do when you leave school?” For many students, it’s one of the toughest questions to answer. It’s also one of the reasons Digital Day exists – and it’s helping students and digital agencies alike.

Imagine if you didn’t know the digital industry was a ‘thing’. Instead of forging your career as a designer or marketer or illustrator, you’d have had to settle for something else. But that’s the problem with certain industries isn’t it? Unless you’re aware of them, you can’t possibly have an ambition to join them.

That’s why Digital Day is such a big deal. Now in its 6th year, the day brings together schools and agencies, giving 13-18 year old students an understanding of the breadth of careers available in the digital industries, and giving creatives the opportunity to inspire the next generation.

And inspire them it does. Of the 20,000 students who’ve already taken part, almost 90% have said they would consider a career in digital as a result of the day.

What happens on the day?

This year’s Digital Day is on 14 November. It’s in two halves, matched to the typical school day. The morning is about introducing the digital world. Then there’s the chance to be part of a national digital challenge – with some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

Who’s involved?

Already, 119 schools have signed up, and for the first time BIMA regional representatives are taking the day beyond the traditional digital heartlands to schools in Liverpool, the East and West Midlands and Hertfordshire.

What’s in it for schools?

Real inspiration, in an industry that touches on so many curriculum subjects, from art to English to tech. Students get real experience of business and enterprise in action. It’s serious fun, with overwhelmingly positive feedback every year. Plus, your school could win £500, there are loads more prizes to win - and it’s totally free!

What’s in it for agencies?

You know the skills shortage we’re constantly facing? This is how we can begin to fix it, with a day that’s hugely rewarding for the professionals who take part, and which helps build local links between your agency and your community.

Next time our young people are asked about their career ambitions, let’s make sure more of them know about digital. Find out more about how your school or agency can take part in Digital Day, and let’s make it the biggest yet.

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