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12 Jan 2018

Posted by Andrea Moore

At Red Badger, we work in cross-functional teams - tech, design, delivery and business all working together whatever we are working on. Innovation, delivery, you name it.

Knowledge transfer between the disciplines had been happening by osmosis during the projects. However, we wanted to accelerate this process so that every badger can become a vocal and confident advocate of good design and user centred process.

Solution? Red Badger Design School. Using the teaching experience of our badger designers (some of us teach at General Assembly and Kings College), we decided to run our bespoke design school for non-design badgers. It also helps designers to practice facilitation - the skill becoming more and more important as a designer.

We've run two versions so far. The first was an evening course over 5 weeks. Then we tried a one-day bootcamp over the weekend. We will keep iterating, but so far we are getting a good response from our attendees.

"I liked all of it! I think newer badgers especially will benefit from the content. As a seasoned badger there was a lot of things I'd already picked up via osmosis over the years. That said it's very different to hear about it than actually do it, so that was fun and enlightening!"

- an attendee

And it's just great fun making things.

See more photos in the original article by Chief Design Officer Sari Griffiths at

Andrea Moore
Posted by Andrea Moore

In summary, I own the marketing strategy and its delivery. My job is to grow awareness of Red Badger and help make it easy for people to consider working with us. I collaborate with the Badger team to manage the brand reputation, create content and news. After a false start in architecture, I got into marketing via retail and have worked for great brands like Levi's, Molton Brown and Signature skills Brand development, marketing and communications strategy, retailing, making Bloody Mary's. Achievements at Red Badger Developing the marketing and PR strategy, being part of the team who worked on the new branding, helping to manage and reshape the website content and building trust within the business. The thing that changed me I won a competition to cycle at the Olympic Velodrome with Sir Chris Hoy. As an occasional cyclist at the time, it was the most exhilarating and terrifying experience I'd had for years.

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