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16 Mar 2018

Posted by Candace Shaw

Ashfield Digital & Creative, and our partner agencies within Healthcare Communications, have developed a new approach to strategic communications. It's based on the need to understand.

It looks at the emotions that make us human.

It examines the feelings we have as individuals.

It defines the behaviours we show as people.

Our Approach

Humanise helps us to ensure unification of goals and approach in strategic communications planning. We develop communications based on a deep understanding of what will motivate the recipient. Because if we understand people as humans and treat people as humans we can develop communications that impact on them as humans.

This is our HUMANISE approach to creating communications that matter.

Our talented teams use our strategic planning framework to create communications that resonate with your audiences. It goes beyond segmentation. It humanises.

Based on a deep understanding of what motivates people, we get to know their mindsets, what they believe, their barriers, drivers, frustrations, aspirations and demands, through research and insights.

This deep understanding, combined with a knowledge of behaviour change theory, allows us to create compelling communication plans that deliver real-world impact, aligned with your objectives.

Humanise provides a strong basis for insightful communication planning for both internal and external programmes; from HCP education projects to patient activation campaigns; from a rapid product awareness piece through to a global product strategic launch. It can be used for all audiences – patients, carers, HCPs, experts and payers, whether you’re in commercial or medical affairs.

Take a look at how one of our clients has created communications that matter with our Humanise approach case study.

If you would like to know more about Humanise, or Ashfield Digital & Creative, please get in touch with:

Andrew Binns, Senior Vice President Ashfield Digital & Creative via

Ashfield Digital & Creative

Ashfield Digital & Creative is an 80+ strong team within Ashfield Healthcare Communications, part of UDG Healthcare plc, delivering multichannel marketing, digital and technical solutions, creative and brand campaigns and strategic content engagement consultancy. Innovation thrives in the creative environment the team has developed in our UK and US offices.

Our team is our asset, the people who create the strategies, the user experiences and the branding and creativity. They are an eclectic bunch, made up of ambitious, proud and fiercely competitive people. There is one thing we all have in common and that’s our desire to create things that connect. 

Candace Shaw
Posted by Candace Shaw

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