Girl Geek Bootcamp in Liverpool: Week 4

22 Jun 2016

Posted by Louise Finch

This week we got coding. Session 4 #GetYourHeadAround was a session to show the girls how the language of the future is used - and how to use it.

The session started with girl geek coder Alex Hindley who is a web developer for San Fransisco company; Bandcamp. This was an opportunity for the girls to meet someone who works in the industry and ask as many questions as possible within ten minutes. Questions ranged from "What languages do you code in" to "have you ever been on skype in your pyjamas" in which Alex, who works from Liverpool and uses Google Hangouts as a form of communication to the HQ said "Yes, that's one of the benefits working from home - you can wear your pyjamas all day!".

The next part of the session was led by Joe and Charlie, two of The Studio School students who are experts in coding. The girls had 2 options to choose from; Scratch and Python, if they hadn't done much coding before they could get to know it via scratch, or if they had and wanted to try a new software they could opt for Python. Some of the girls were so confident that they went straight to Python and actually did incredibly well!

Liverpool Girl Geeks Week 4 2016

The session was fantastic and we got to see girls who had never even coded before begin to grasp it and want to learn more.

Next week we're taking the girls out to some of the offices around the Baltic, Liverpool's digital and creative hub! Agent Academy, Citrus Suite, Ripstone Games and VTime are showcasing their workspaces, their work culture and demonstrating what life really is like working within the industry.

We cannot wait!

Louise Finch
Posted by Louise Finch

Lou started her career in event management 20 years ago and went on to set up her own business running exhibitions, fashion shows and conferences across the UK.  After this she went on to be Ops Director for an international Charity before running marketing and sales for an outdoor pursuits firm and finally marketing and development projects for an ecommerce company.  Highly organised and passionate about digital, Lou joined BIMA in 2016 to support and grow the Liverpool BIMA community, co-ordinating the yearly events calendar and grass-roots initiatives.

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