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Mission Statement

To explore the future of agency/brand relationships and help Client Services professionals to excel.

About the council

What does the future of Client Services look like? As the role shifts from client/agency liaison to a broader challenge of inspiring great work – and as every role develops more of a Client Services focus – the Client Services Council works to explore the future of agency/brand relationships and help Client Services professionals excel.

With training, panel-based discussions and other events for midweight and senior practitioners, the Council continues to explore the ways in which Client Services can reinvent itself to add value and remain relevant to clients and agencies.

Thought Leadership

Beginners SEO Training - Manchester
North West, 28 Jun 2018
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Council Chair

Nicki Sprinz, Managing Director at ustwo


Nicki is the co-founder of Ada’s List and Commercial Director of ustwo London. She’s passionate about improving diversity in our industry, and experimenting with new and modern ways of running a client services business. View profile

Council Members

Claire Frogley, Executive Assistant at ustwo

Emma Nicol, Client Services Director at Amaze

Jessica Mullen, Managing Director at CreateFuture

Kate Ross, Managing Director at eight&four

Maggie Fitzsimmons, Client Lead at ustwo

Mike Sims, Client Services Consultant at MSC

Nicki Parnell, MD at the Engine Group


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