User Experience Design (UX) Fundamentals


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04 Sep–03 Oct 2017
6:15 PM-8:15 PM
CodeClan, 37 Castle Terrace
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£ 600

Digital experiences are everywhere. Think of all the apps and websites that you love or dislike. How many of them are built in a way that makes you want to return to them over and over again?

If you've ever wondered how some of the amazing digital products - such as smartphones or software packages - became legendary, it’s because they are well-designed by people who care about the holistic experience of the user.

This course at CodeClan, led by our UX professional, will allow you to develop an understanding of fundamental user-centered design concepts and methods. These methods allow designers to build websites and apps in line with user and organisational needs.

Please note the course runs two days a week for five weeks on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Who is this for?

You'll benefit from attending this course if:

You're thinking of changing your job to User Experience Designer, User Experience Researcher or User Interface (UI) Designer, or

You're employed in an organisation that already works within the UX-driven methodology and you need to gain basic understanding of the domain.

You have keen interest in how human behaviour shapes the digital environment - and how the digital world impacts the real one.

BIMA members: Receive 20% off the course price by booking your place by email at info@codeclan.com or by phone on 0131 290 2600.

Event speakers

Wojtek Kutyla

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37 Castle Terrace



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At CodeClan, we are passionate about teaching code. We believe that promoting digital excellence creates opportunities for our students, our graduates, our employer partners and the wider economy. We play a leading role in accelerating Scotland’s progress in building a high-performing digital economy. To do this, we challenge convention in everything we do – from what and how we teach to the way we communicate with our staff, students and employer partners. We’ve got the support of The Scottish Government, Scotland’s digital technologies trade body, ScotlandIS, and Skills Development Scotland. And we’re the first UK digital skills academy to be approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

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