Webinar: How do you deliver great quality products at speed and scale?


Posted by Red Badger

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15 May 2018

Learn how you can deliver great quality products at both scale and speed. The key is how your UXD and Developers work together, how you get customer feedback and your approach to MDP's.

We’ll share how to:

- i
mplement a continuous delivery flow
- work cross-functionally & shorten feedback loops
- deliver great products at speed

Sign up now for our 'How to' webinar here: https://lp.red-badger.com/webinar-just-in-time-uxd

Red Badger
Posted by Red Badger

Red Badger believe that by choosing to build the right thing in the right way, we can make a difference to our clients, their customers and our industry. Founded in 2010 by Stuart, Cain and David, we bring together the best in strategic services, customer experience and technical delivery using lean and agile processes. We help large organisations improve their speed to market whilst focusing on delivering value to their customers. We work with our clients to understand their problems and validate ideas in order to build new digital products or make significant improvements to existing ones. We do this collaboratively to enable our clients to: Be more customer-centric Make bold technology choices to solve problems the right way Reduce waste with a leaner approach Improve internal capability and deliver lasting change

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