Mentoring programme


Individuals at all levels and in all roles. Applicants must be a member of BIMA.


A 6 month mentoring programme that supports all levels of talent development in the digital industry. Mentees are matched with a compatible mentor from another organisation based on experience and interest area. Mentors will be no more than two ‘levels’ higher up.


A hugely cost effective way to enable mentoring support.

Brings valuable ideas and experience into all participating organisations (whether you provide mentors or mentees).

Drives mentoring and coaching skills in each participating organisation.

Supports team retention within each organisation by investing in and developing your people.


— For more detailed information, please download the BIMA Mentoring 1 pager.

To apply to be a mentor or mentee on the next BIMA Mentoring programme, please fill out the appropriate form below.

The deadline to apply for the next mentoring programme is Friday 30 November 2018

The next BIMA Mentoring programme is due to launch in January 2019.

If you are becoming a mentee, we will invoice you/your organisation for the full payment of £395 once all form submissions have been collected. Payment will be due before the programme starts.


If you have any further question about the BIMA mentoring programme please email our Marketing Manager, Rachel Johnson


My BIMA Mentoring Experience – Rachel Faber

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