What is it that defines the best in digital creativity? How do you spot promise? What does inspirational look like? 

BIMA Beat, a new collaboration between BIMA, Sony Music UK’s 4th Floor Creative & Spotify, will be looking for answers. 

The project, driven by BIMA’s Creative Council, will capture regular snapshots of the best digital creative work from the UK’s existing and emerging creatives. 

Each quarter, BIMA Beat will set British creatives a themed challenge. Creatives from across the UK can then submit their captivating work based on that theme.

At the end of each quarter, the Creative Council will showcase the most inspirational, affecting or powerful pieces - in any digital medium - and display them in a room filled with the UK’s best. If you’re a digital creative, join us and discover how you can showcase your work amongst the UK’s best.

This quarter's theme is:


How To Enter

We are looking for your creative work that redefines the norms, challenges traditional thought, and sheds new light on established mainstays. 

Whether it is still in concept, or a fully realised product, submit your work, designs, videos, images and beyond that best reimagine, redefine and redevelop what we know and love. 

How to Enter:

1. Submit your work here
2. Deadline is 31 August 2019
3. Follow @BIMA.BEAT Insta Page to view our chosen work
4. Selected work will be showcased at our next event. Date TBC.


Selection Criteria:

1. All work submitted must have a digital element to it. This can be an initial proof concept through to a commissioned piece of work.

2. Submissions are open to all. We would like to encourage work from students, junior creatives and senior creatives.

3. Submissions must be the work of UK based creatives. 

4. All work will be judged by BIMA's Creative Council, which consists of industry leaders.

5. It is essential that the work is your own and you do not plagiarize the work of someone else.

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