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ForrestBrown are the largest specialist R&D tax credit consultancy in the UK. We have helped more than 50 BIMA members grow their business via the government’s R&D tax incentives. We’ve already delivered over £20 million to BIMA members in R&D tax credits – on average that’s hundreds of thousands of pounds each. R&D tax credits were introduced by the government to reward companies investing in innovation. Digital business carrying out R&D can often qualify for R&D tax credits – that’s cash that could spark the next big project or fund the final push in creating something extraordinary. Here at ForrestBrown we’re passionate about helping digital businesses grow. We work with some of the most prominent digital agencies in the UK, as well as hundreds of fast-growing start-ups. Is your digital business missing out on this powerful funding? Get in touch with ForrestBrown director Adam Kotas CTA at or call 0117 926 9022 today.
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Bristol and London, United Kingdom

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