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Shape your digital future with Azure

There are so many ways to make AI a part of what you do that in can be hard to know where to start. That’s why BIMA has joined forces with Microsoft Azure.  Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services for developers and IT professionals that makes it easier to add AI to your development offerings.

There are lots of ways to make AI a part of what you do:

  • Create natural-feeling AI-powered experiences with naturally interacting bots
  • Add AI to analytics to make faster, smarter use of your data
  • Create new, AI-enabled ways to interact with your services, including image and speech recognition
  • Harness the power of machine learning for big data applications

Integrating AI

Over the next few months, BIMA and Microsoft will be running a series of presentations aimed at showing you not only how to make the latest AI features part of your service offering, but how to make implementing them easy.

Here are the events that we will be running in the first half of 2018:

  • February:
  • Breakfast Briefing - Data and Analytics: Fueling the Future of Digital Book your place>>
  • Microsoft AI Directors' Dinner | Making the future more intelligently artificial Book your place>>
  • March:
  • Microsoft Masterclass | AI Now Book your place>>
  • Technical Director Roundtable
  • April:
  • Artificial Intelligence Survey: Official launch of the results
  • May:
  • Technical Director Roundtable
  • June:
  • Breakfast Briefing Scotland

Why BIMA & Microsoft?

Digital transformation: it’s at the heart of everything BIMA and Microsoft do. Yet traditionally, not everyone has had the same access to the market leading technology that can drive change. That’s why we’re partnering with Microsoft, so that our members can nurture their existing tech talent and empower everyone - from employees to customers - to be more collaborative and creative.

And all agencies, irrespective of size, can play their part in positively shaping the culture of the modern workplace, and the UK economy as a whole.


For more information about partnering with Microsoft and to explore possibilities please email

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