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AI is changing our industry. Through the tech and digital sectors, AI is set to change every industry. And when organisations of every size decide it’s time to explore how AI could benefit them, we’re here to help.

So if you’re not already a leader in AI, there’s every chance you’ll need to be – and that means more than simply being able to understand the tech. It means being able to approach AI strategically, culturally and responsibly.

The Age of AI Series

We’re launching a new series of Thought leadership. Masterclasses, Breakfast Briefings and Roundtables in collaboration with Microsoft, which will combine to give a 360° perspective of AI.

The Age of AI sessions are designed for organisations still in the foothills of getting to grips with AI. But they’re also for businesses who may feel that whilst they have a fully formed offering in one aspect of AI, they want to augment that capability with a broader perspective.

The first of those events is open for registration now, and it explores how to build an AI-ready culture.

Here are the events that we will be running in 2019:


How to harness the potential of AI effectively and ethically

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Why BIMA & Microsoft?

Digital transformation: it’s at the heart of everything BIMA and Microsoft do. Yet traditionally, not everyone has had the same access to the market leading technology that can drive change. That’s why we’re partnering with Microsoft, so that our members can nurture their existing tech talent and empower everyone - from employees to customers - to be more collaborative and creative.


For more information about partnering with Microsoft and to explore possibilities please email

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