Branding and website launch for international agriculture experts

19 May 2017

Posted by Nicky Hughes

Cambridge web design and development agency, Onespacemedia, has launched a new branding and web design and development project for international agriculture experts, The Malabo Montpellier Panel (MaMo Panel).

The MaMo Panel is a group of international agriculture experts who guide policy choices that accelerate progress towards food and nutritional security in Africa. It provides high-quality research to equip decision makers in Africa to effectively implement policies and programs that benefit smallholder farmers.

To build on its success and to more effectively communicate its purpose, work and data, the Panel commissioned Onespacemedia to create a new brand and website to elevate and amplify the organisation’s visibility and important work driving real change in food and nutrition security.

The brand identity focuses on two circular graphical elements which come together to represent the partnership between Africa and Europe. The ‘leaf’ intersection symbolises agriculture, nutrition and growth while at the same time resembling a Venn diagram - a reflection of MaMo Panel's research and evidence-based approach to their work.

The website combines leading web technologies with state-of-the-art design practices, resulting in a responsive platform which demonstrates the organisation’s progress and momentum through the presentation of news, key findings, events and resources. Visitors are guided through the site through a streamlined and optimised information architecture and navigation system, delivering a structured and decisive approach to audience journeys and content delivery.

Onespacemedia’s MD & Founder, James Cotton, commented “The goal of the Malabo Declaration is to reduce the number of those in poverty in Africa by 50% by 2025 and it’s an honour for Onespacemedia to be associated with a project of such global significance. The new website and brand identity puts the Panel in a strong position to improve their visibility and amplify their voice on a global stage.”

“The Panel is entering its second phase with renewed focus to work with African governments on the implementation of ambitious goals under the Malabo Declaration. It was important for our new brand to reflect the partnership between Africa and Europe. The new brand identity and website will clearly inform our stakeholders about the critical work the Panel is doing within the agriculture and food security sector.” Katrin Glatzel, the MaMo Panel’s Program Leader

Nicky Hughes
Posted by Nicky Hughes

Digital Communications Manager at Onespacemedia

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