Crowd Launch New Annual Report For Aramex

25 May 2017

Posted by Jamie Sergeant

Following a successful delivery in 2016, Crowd were asked to produce a new digital annual report for the Middle East’s largest courier firm Aramex.

The new site builds on the success of last years edition with a cost effective and contemporary method of publishing corporate information which encourages visitors to engage with the facts in a way that a printed document just doesn’t allow.

Aramex wanted to promote the great advances in the environmental and sustainable aspects of their business, so we used an organic design to reveal key facts which linked through into the main body of information. This approach has the benefit of getting across key points without the visitor having to wade through in-depth copy. Though this is linked to from the facts so visitors can explore further if they wish.

Once again the site and printed document is made available in both English and Arabic, with creative consideration going to both RTL and LTR reading styles.

Crowd’s Dubai studio filmed and produced the video for the homepage which features a mix of interviews with key Aramex staff along with statistics highlighting points from the report. The video acts as both overview and introduction allowing the business owners to give their take on the company’s performance direct to visitors.

We have also introduced a company timeline this year which highlights key events and achievements in the last decade of the company’s history using subtle animation to guide users through an information rich legacy.

For those wishing to download a digital copy, we also designed two PDF versions to take-away or print with both a summary and full version of the annual report text.

Posted by Jamie Sergeant

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