BIMA Awards 2016

19 Sep 2016

Posted by Bridget Beale

BIMA Awards 2017 party

To borrow the words of our outgoing Chairman, Adam Graham, Thursday night was emotional – in a very good way.

The BIMA Awards are a flagship event for our organisation and for the industry. It’s therefore always a high stress night for the BIMA team, as we’re conscious of the privilege of recognising and awarding the best work in British digital – and we also want everyone to have a brilliant night, whether you win or not.

The 32nd annual BIMA Awards couldn’t have gone better. The crowd was upbeat and buzzing, and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. 

I always feel so proud of our community. People come to BIMA events on their own and leave having had an amazing night with new contacts and friends. Bridget Beale, MD of BIMA

Trevor Nelson’s set immediately filled the dance floor, with Adam Graham keeping everyone grooving until the lights came on. Amongst the winners, best reaction of the night has to go to the team at Despark, for actual screaming and jumping up and down.

Our sponsors not only help pay for the party but they also add to the fun, with installations from Iomart, Jahia, the GREAT Britain campaign and Only keeping our guests entertained with GIF booths, VR games, the 'claw of fortune' and, in the case of the GREAT campaign, also keeping them well-informed. You can still check out the case studies of the winning work that were on display on interactive screens in the GREAT winners lounge on the night.

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the party and to everyone who entered or otherwise supported the BIMA Awards. You guys rock!

Bridget Beale
Posted by Bridget Beale

Bridget has been MD of BIMA since early 2014, working closely with the BIMA Executive board to lead and grow the organistation. Bridget has been in the digital sector since mid-2011, having previously worked in media relations for a leading human rights charity and change management within a Government regulator.

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