Digital transformation strategy: What is it and how do you get one?

20 Jun 2016

Posted by Marcus Taylor

What is a digital transformation strategy?

Plenty of business think that having a digital transformation strategy means using more technology. But it’s about understanding shifting customer behaviours. Marketers need to embrace digital strategies that make it easier for customers to interact with their business. No matter where they are or when they come to you.

In a previous blog, we talked about what digital transformation means and how it influences your entire business, including HR, marketing, sales and everything in between.

Why you need a digital transformation strategy

After the downfall of businesses like Austin Reed and BHS, it's pretty clear. Digital transformation is a necessity, not an option. If your business' online and digital presence aren't up to scratch, you'll fall far behind the competition. Newer businesses don't have this problem. Just look at the way Uber has taken over the taxi business by appealing to smart phone users.

How do you build a successful digital transformation strategy?

In our post, we've whittled it down to 5 essential steps.

1. Point of view
2. Translating goals to digital processes
3. Research
4. Connected data
5. Improvement

With these 5 steps, any business can build a successful digital transformation strategy and reach their business goals.

See the full digital transformation strategy steps here, and kick start your digital transformation journey.

Marcus Taylor
Posted by Marcus Taylor

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