There is a mental health crisis in the creative industry; it needs to be fixed!

13 Sep 2018

Posted by Dan Willis

The likelihood of a mental health problem in the creative sector is three times that of the general population. 

The most common diagnosed disorders were anxiety (36%) and depression (32%). 

What is really worrying is that there are high proportions (60%) reported having had suicidal thoughts, 37% had made a plan for suicide and 16% of workers had made a suicide attempt in their lifetime. 

For an industry that talks a lot about workplace culture; isn't time we started actually giving a fuck about our staff and their mental wellbeing? 

Start the conversation today; it could save a life!

Thanks for reading... 

Dan -

*Research was released by Ulster University in March 2018.

Dan Willis
Posted by Dan Willis

Dan runs brand strategy agency, Why Digital, where he works with Business Owners and Senior Management to find their purpose. As a successful Brand Marketer, he has gained specialist knowledge within in the digital industry by improving customer experiences with numerous leading charities, digital agencies and notable brands such as Cancer Research UK, B&Q, RNLI, Jimmy's Iced Coffee, Unilever and Cisco.

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