Digital killed print!

5 Oct 2018

Posted by Jane Boardman

Digital killed print!

It didn’t. Not really. Sure, digital is the popular medium, but that doesn’t mean traditional print marketing methods are no longer effective. With the digital marketing revolution, print has had its fair share of hurdles, not least declining sales. But, rather than fading away and dying, print underwent a quiet revolution of its own. Print has transformed into a cost-effective multi-sensory product that works hand-in-hand with digital.

I love print. Done right, it’s beautiful, sensory, charming and creative. Occupying the physical space you can pick up a print piece and, feel the weight, the texture; even the smell. And, unlike digital, there are no pop-ups pestering you to read something that may (or may not) be interesting.

Print has the ability to grab someone’s attention and focus them exclusively on a key message. Again, unlike digital, print pieces remain a physical entity, sitting there patiently and unobtrusively, ready and willing to remind people of its message.

Print is as relevant today as it was when William Caxton brought the first printing press to England in 1476. But it’s evolved. It has matured beautifully and gracefully. It’s now a matter of good design, content and a commitment to craft a piece that truly resonates with the viewer.

Long live Print!

If you’d like to transform your print, then  I’d love to hear from you.

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Jane Boardman
Posted by Jane Boardman

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