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5 Sep 2018
User Vision Limited
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£ 490

Information architecture (IA) is about organising your content so that it makes sense to your users and lets them find what they seek easily. A properly constructed IA is the backbone of any good digital experience, whether it be on desktop or mobile.

BIMA members will get 10% of this course, please email Nikki@uservision.co.uk for more information.


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Chris Rourke

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Since 2000 we have conducted hundreds of user experience projects and seen both the digital landscape and the expectations of users evolve. Our approach is very simple: We listen to what you need and understand your requirements fully We then select of the best user experience services to meet those requirements We set metrics to evaluate what we do and to prove the effectiveness of user centred design User experience is not an isolated part of the redesign process. We work throughout the development cycle, from researching user requirements and creating initial wireframes, to usability testing and post-launch evaluation. Incorporating UX throughout is most cost effective in the long run and results in usable products that have been designed around the users at every stage. We never grow complacent. From new user research methods to game-changing consumer technologies, we stay current to the ever – changing digital landscape. Although we are very digitally connected, we live in the real world. We understand that for businesses, user experience needs to be more than an interesting subject. We create great user experiences because they help deliver valuable business goals, whether that is a higher conversion rate, operational efficiencies, accessibility or simply delighting customers. Our experience translates into a quality of UX and experience design services that our clients have come to expect. We – and our clients – are award winning!

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Leading Collaborative Design Workshops


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