Exploring the role of “the brief” in a rapidly changing creative & technological landscape


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23 Aug 2018
Frame, Four Winds Pavilion, Pacific Quay Glasgow G51 1DZ

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Working in a world where creative ideas are becoming increasingly important in reaching hard to find audiences, and technology is blurring the lines of how audiences engage with brands, how is the role of “the brief” evolving with it:

What makes a good brief?

How should we arrive at the right insight and direction for a brief without prescribing it?

How do we onboard the team with the same enthusiasm when we do the ceremonial brief?

How do we inspire the team to own the response and add value to this whilst maintaining the integrity of the brief?

How do we manage co-partners / agencies to align on a rapidly evolving direction, eg: media teams, development teams etc

About the Roundtable format

If you are the head of your client services or account management team in the creative digital space please join us on 23 August at 0830 for the latest breakfast in the CSD breakfast series for an off-the-record round table meeting held under Chatham House Rules.

The session will be opened by Kirsty Lieberthal, Head of Digital, Frame, and co-chaired with Kirsty Burns, Account Director, Dog. The format is for everyone around the table to share their experiences, challenges and success stories.

How to be involved

This event is for BIMA members. Numbers for the breakfast are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come basis. In the first instance we will limit it to one place per company. If you are not a BIMA member please. contact annadoyle@bima.co.uk

Held under Chatham House Rules, the breakfast is free to BIMA members and is only for CSD and Heads of Account Management (or equivalent) in digital agencies.

Event speakers

About Kirsty Lieberthal

With over 20 years of experience working in high performance agencies across 3 continents, Kirsty worked across a wide range of disciplines such as advertising, brand strategy, below the line and digital within agency land. With a passion for digital Kirsty’s role is to facilitate brave, effective and integrated solutions for Frame’s clients.

Kirsty entered agency land as a graduate fresh into an Account Executive role in a global agency when the internet did not exist, traffic managers were ferocious beasts to be feared and Creative Directors were unapproachable gods to be kneeled before.

Fortunately, agencies have become far more democratic since then and there is much better collaboration between departments to arrive at creative solutions to a client’s brief. Having enjoyed working in a variety of agencies in an Account Management Kirsty worked into an MD role which returned said agency to profitability but took her away from the real action and client relationships. Kirsty is now in her dream role helping clients get the most out of their digital strategies and opportunities.

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Frame, Four Winds Pavilion, Pacific Quay Glasgow G51 1DZ

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