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23 Oct 2018
South West
The Stable, 7-10 Westover Rd, Bournemouth BH1 2BY
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£ 41.99

We are calling upon all creatives, marketers, and anyone who loves ideas to join us on 23rd October for the Do It Day Bournemouth Hack to work on a meaningful brief to help the youth with their mental health.

Mental health issues have never been higher in children with half of all problems manifesting at the age of 14. Prevention is key and through Do It Day 2018, we aim to open up the conversation and raise awareness further on how various factors influence mental wellbeing in children such as:

- Tech addiction
- Child obesity
- Changing family situations
- Cyber bullying
- Learning difficulties

With the help of your skills (and we want all skills) coupled together with a meaningful brief, you will be instrumental in raising awareness and helping build campaigns that will be executed.

What happens on Do it Day?

On the hack day itself, you’ll spend time with people you’ve never worked with before, sharing your knowledge, learning new skills, looking at different ways to address a brief and ultimately give the perfect 5 minute pitch to a carefully selected panel.

The winning teams, along with others who want to join them, will then coach a team of Bournemouth University students in developing the campaign and getting it ready for launch.

What was achieved last year?

The output of last years Do it Day Bournemouth, became know as #Day2Day.

Day2Day is a video campaign aimed to encourage employers and employees to talk about mental health. Running throughout March, the campaign itself consists of a series of short videos released every two days from business leaders and influencers in Dorset.

Participating are key figureheads from organisations such as AFC Bournemouth, the NHS, the Stable restaurant chain, the Police Crime Commissioner and Founder of Silicon Beach, Matt Desmier.

To see the whole campaign, go to Youtube. Or alternatively watch the trailer/ intro to the campaign below:

Location information

The Stable, 7-10 Westover Rd, Bournemouth BH1 2BY

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Did you lose it? Lose what, you say? Well, your WHY, you know, the thing that makes your brand awesome, the reason you get up in the morning. It's easy to lose, or drop in muddy waters you can't fathom putting your hands in to fish back out. Stuff changes, you get busy, lose focus, life happens. Don't worry, we've got your back. We know that everyone started in business for a reason, and that reason isn’t money; well, maybe the money too, but that’s just the fuel to get to your destination. So why this focus on why instead of how? Well, it’s because everything we do boils down to that. We look at the purpose behind the madness and make sense of it, and that’s our method. We are Why? - Work with Purpose.

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