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Rebranding Your Business: Pros and Cons
By Lawrence Dudley, 30 Aug 2017
Since our very own rebranding of Parallax in 2013, we haven’t looked back. Like any company starting out or ready for a change, we had to make some important decisions about who we were and where we were heading.Our brand was something ...
Origin Story: Brands Going Back To Their Roots
By Lawrence Dudley, 30 Aug 2017
The recent Co-op rebrand has famously taken the supermarket back to its origins, reworking the iconic clover logo of the 1960s. It seems to be part of an emerging trend for ‘going retro’, with other big name brands following suit ...
Warner Brothers illustrate wrong way to handle copyright concerns
By Simon Wadsworth, 05 Oct 2016
People are increasingly using multimedia content online, which they do not hold rights to, infringing on copyright. Firms regularly lodge concerns over mis-use of copyright with Google, as said content will remain online until flagged ...
Re-brand for Webigence web development company
By Simon Wilkinson, 12 Feb 2016
As an ASP.NET web development company based in London, we obviously believe the web is an important, growing andeverchanging entity so it was about we updated our own website and branding to reflect the clients we work with and the ...

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