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How hacking can damage your company’s reputation
By Simon Wadsworth, 19 Jan 2016
With cyber-criminals on the rise over the years, as we move into 2016 it is only becoming more important to protect your business from the damage a hack could inflict. Not only could it seriously harm your reputation, it could seriously ...
"I do" [tick] - how to get consent under the GDPR
By Vicky Cunningham, 27 Mar 2017
The following article is from our recent KLbytes newsletter on hot legal topics: On 2 March, the ICO released a consultation on the meaning of consent under the GDPR and, as part of this, published its draft guidance on consent ...
BIMA #Ai Think Tank
By Pete Trainor, 1 Apr 2017
GDPR: Who's Responsible for Explicit Consent in the Client-Agency Relationship?
By Richard Madigan, 5 Dec 2017
Welcome to the fourth in my series of GDPR posts exploring the practicalities of the GDPR in the client-agency relationship.  This time around I’m going to explore one of the cornerstones of the GDPR, explicit consent, unravelling ...

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How SMEs Can Protect Against Hackers
By Peter Richman, 28 Nov 2018
SMEs rarely consider security when they are building or maintaining their website and hackers know this. That is why 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. If hackers can gain access to data on your business or your clients ...
Alcohol brands must connect directly with drinkers in a post-GDPR world
By Helen Whittaker, 8 Nov 2018
Mass drinks brands, like all consumer-packaged goods companies, have always struggled to know exactly who’s buying or consuming their products. The need to grow direct engagement with audiences is greater than ever. Whether you’re ...
Google Premier Partners Awards 2018
By Roxana Humelnicu, 3 Sep 2018
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