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New Red Badger Design School
By Andrea Moore, 12 Jan 2018
Web Design Trends for 2017
By Lawrence Dudley, 15 Sep 2017
Think Experience
By Fred Sirman, 31 Aug 2017
Rebranding Your Business: Pros and Cons
By Lawrence Dudley, 30 Aug 2017
Since our very own rebranding of Parallax in 2013, we haven’t looked back. Like any company starting out or ready for a change, we had to make some important decisions about who we were and where we were heading. Our brand was ...
Refining the User Experience
By Lawrence Dudley, 30 Aug 2017
At Parallax, user experience is paramount. Everything we design and build is always carefully considered. We often ask ourselves, how will real users interact with this? The thing about users is they’re all different, from the ...
Origin Story: Brands Going Back To Their Roots
By Lawrence Dudley, 30 Aug 2017
The recent Co-op rebrand has famously taken the supermarket back to its origins, reworking the iconic clover logo of the 1960s. It seems to be part of an emerging trend for ‘going retro’, with other big name brands following suit ...
User Experience: What, How & Why?
By Lawrence Dudley, 30 Aug 2017
User experience is understanding how users interact with a website or application on a deeper level; by analysing this behaviour and adapting your website or app accordingly, you can create the best experience for them. When considering ...
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