I Was Part of the BIMA 100

16 Jan 2020

It’s a mighty accolade and an impressive addition to anyone’s CV, but what difference does being named in the BIMA 100 make? Every year, BIMA celebrates 100 of the people who are leading the industry right now. It’s not an acknowledgement of any specific piece of work (we do that at the BIMA Awards); it’s a celebration of the people we look up to, the people who are taking the industry forward. But once you’ve received the accolade, enjoyed the launch night and read your feature in the Class of… book, what then? You’re a member of the current BIMA 100 for a whole year, not just one night, so what’s the ongoing effect of being part of the club? We’ve been talking to members of the Class of 2019 about their BIMA 100 experience. Here’s what they told us.

Sam Fenton-Elstone, CEO at Anything is Possible

Pharaoh Woghiren, Founder / Design Director at Neworks

James Wilkinson, Marketing Director at CTI Digital

Karen Pearce, Client Strategy Director at Loom Digital

Duane Holland, Founder + Creative Strategist at DH READY

Be part of the Class of 2020

Nominations for the BIMA 100 2020 are open now. Any BIMA member can nominate someone. The person you nominate does not have to be a BIMA member. Each category is open to brands, charities, agencies, startups, academic institutions, tech companies and freelancers. Nominate now


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