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Warner Brothers illustrate wrong way to handle copyright concerns
By Simon Wadsworth, 5 Oct 2016
People are increasingly using multimedia content online, which they do not hold rights to, infringing on copyright. Firms regularly lodge concerns over mis-use of copyright with Google, as said content will remain online until flagged ...
Why should your company invest in online monitoring?
By Simon Wadsworth, 20 Jun 2016
With the internet now readily available via mobile devices 24/7, you can engage with your firm’s consumer base more easily online now than ever before. But in this increasingly connected world, you need to stay up to date with what ...
With UK company reputation now worth £1.7trillion, why do companies not see the value?
By Simon Wadsworth, 22 Feb 2016
With a recent study revealing that company reputation is now worth a staggering £1.7trillion in the UK, why is it that a quarter of companies are continuing to neglect their reputation and maintenance of it? For many businesses ...
How hacking can damage your company’s reputation
By Simon Wadsworth, 19 Jan 2016
With cyber-criminals on the rise over the years, as we move into 2016 it is only becoming more important to protect your business from the damage a hack could inflict. Not only could it seriously harm your reputation, it could seriously ...
35% Of UK Employees Wont Be 'Friends' With Their Managers On Facebook, Study Reveals
By Simon Wadsworth, 23 Nov 2015
A study into the blurring lines of personal and professional social media use has found that 35% of UK employees admitted they wouldn’t accept their manager as a ‘friend’ on Facebook. The research – conducted on over 1,000 UK workers ...

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