Rachel Buck

B2B Digital Marketing Consultant with specialist interest in creative & digital technology


Effective B2B digital marketing needs to draw on the expertise of the doers in a business. As the experts, they have the knowledge and connections to most effectively promote a brand. But convincing smart yet busy people to use their expertise to inform your marketing can be time-consuming and frustrating. Over 8 years of my career in B2B marketing and publishing was spent growing and then managing the marketing function at Foolproof. An agency of 100 people with offices in the UK and Singapore, Foolproof is one of Europe’s leading specialist experience design agencies. Building the marketing function from the ground up meant developing a culture of content creation, knowledge-sharing and ways of working to extract thought-leadership and contribution to the marketing programme. It’s now my mission to help other companies to develop their marketing function by equipping them with the tools, processes and know-how to build the foundations for long-term brand recognition and authority.
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