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I'm the Founder of ADAM, a 10 year old Digital Marketing Talent Attraction business with offices in both London & Manchester. Our purpose is to transform businesses and lives and we feel very privileged that business owners entrust us with identifying, attracting and landing their next generation of Talent. In London, our specific focus is partnering owner, managed Agencies and working with them to put together their employee value proposition so they can find the best talent in a very crowded marketplace.
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Aligning recruitment to your Agency growth plans
By Leon Milns, 5 Jul 2017
Almost a third of agencies have plans to grow their financial turnover by more than 26% this year. And two-thirds plan to increase their headcount by the same amount. These stats come from the 2017 Wow Agency Survey, sponsored by ...
How are you planning on retaining your top #Digital talent?
By Leon Milns, 27 Jun 2017
The average UK digital creative agency loses 17% of its employees each year. That means an agency employing 20 people needs to recruit three new members of staff each year just to maintain headcount. That comes from the Wow Agency ...
21st Century Employee Engagement – What it looks like and how to make it happen.
By Leon Milns, 13 Jun 2017
Creating the right environment for employees to succeed is paramount to the success of any business, digital and creative agencies included. But what does employee engagement look like in the twenty-first-century and how does it ...

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